Our instruments are built using designs that are time-tested. We believe that by using excellent materials and proven designs and techniques we will always produce guitars that have excellent acoustic properties and playability. While we are able to modify designs it is not our goal to re-invent the guitar. Our goal is, however, to involve our customer in the entire process from material selection to inlay design in order to create the most complete bond between the musician an the instrument.



This is where we must start when designing and building a guitar. We have many woods to choose from. Should it be rosewood, cocobolo, walnut, koa, or some crazy wood like chocolate mango? Each wood has its own acoustic and visual signature. Many more choices about bindings, rosettes, tuners and guitar size exist and are all part of the challenge we accept when we offerto build you the guitar you want.



Tracy is an extremely talented inlay artist. Both in design and execution her work speaks for itself. When she isn’t busy creating for Grace Guitarz she is often working on projects for other builders. She works mainly with many types of mother-of-pearl and abalone but also inlays wood, precious metals, gems and other materials both natural and man-made. Her goal is always to use her skills to tell a story that has special meaning to the guitar owner.